Samjhana Balami

The trainer was the best! The way she took the session and make us understand everything so well and easily was commendable. I am more inspired by her personality, how well she portrays herself, her confidence, and how she involved everyone.

Ramesh Raj K.C.

The trainer presented the training in an analytical manner. The plus point of the trainer was to present every situation with a realistic example. She had done admirable preparation for the workshop. She presented everything in an understandable platform. The training was awesome. It weighed much more practically.

Noming Angbo

The sincerest and heartfelt “Thank you” to you who provided us all with support, guidance, and precious life lessons. We had a lot of fun and laughs in your classes but when it was time to learn, you were all business. We learned so much from your training and we are eternally grateful for your guidance and concern for our future. Hope that we can again see you. You will always be in my heart!

Nimu Chitrakar

I loved the energy and engaging capability of Pooja Ma’am. I would be glad to join a physical class in the near future with her. Thank You Ma’am for the smooth facilitation.

Shuvam Acharya

The course was very helpful. I felt more confident after learning the different techniques. The trainer was the best. I want to attend more sessions with Pooja Ma’am.

Trisha Shrestha

The content was easy to understand with energetic group activities. Overall, the session was informative. It was a nice experience and thank you for this session.

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